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Boxing against Parkinson


on your gloves and help us fight against Parkinson! 

Studies show that excersise greatly benefits people with Parkinsons. but when we think of exercises for people with serious illnesses, we think of walking or maybe some light aerobics. It would surprise you that the fun and intense form of boxing exercise has been working wonders for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

The reason boxing is so effective against the symptoms of Parkinson is that it serves to strengthen almost all the areas that the disease weakens:
• Balance
• Motor skills
• Movement
• Sensory function

Boxers with Parkinson’s disease are not training to enter the ring. Parkinson’s patients don’t plan on hitting anything other than a punching bag.

The boxing program was founded in 2006 by Parkinson’s warrior Scott C. Newman and has been very successful in the USA under the name of Rock Steady Boxing. In 2014 the first boxing against Parkinson group was formed in the Netherlands. The Dutch program is being sponsored by the Parkinson Vereniging, ParkinsonNet and the Stichting Parkinson Nederland.

There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease yet. However, boxing is a great exercise regimen and it has a lot of research backing it. Patients have really good results in terms of motor systems, but maybe even more important they experience the trainings as an incredible stress reliever, confidence booster and fun!